Thursday, 3 March 2011

The thread that Hymie made that made Mumsnet explode.

Court backs decision to bar Christian foster couple

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hymie Mon 28-Feb-11 16:51:35
Should Christians be stopped from fostering because of their faith/belief?



652 posts and counting all containing Anti-Christian Misandric posts from demented Feminists.

I posted the thread under the pseudenym hymie because I had no choice due to constant banning for innocuous posts not agreed with by the coven.

This entire thread is being sent to the BBC and the GUARDIAN together with Mumsnet sponsors.

The lies of Mumsnet exposed

amiheartless Thu 03-Mar-11 14:53:3

The thread is gone,

read the MRA thread, pretty trollish shiz

however, wtf 'how many women have you raped?

thats like asking someone if their a paedophile, a volatile response to a volatile poster.

sorry I digressed.

what did the MRA nutjob say? what was the thread about??


The thread was removed because it was an embarassment to keep up. The Mumsnet brigade were in full tirade after accusations of rape were directed at other posters.
EngelbertFustianMcSlinkydog Thu 03-Mar-11 15:38:

That was the first 'Assange' thread - you can't see his comments, so out of context some of the stuff looks a bit harsh to him, but he was truly awful.

It was because he was saying he was such a reasonable person and totally thought rapists should be banged up for life, but that Assange couldn't be a rapist, because he was innocent, as he hadn't been proven guilty (you with me so far?) and also rape had to involve force.


Nobody can read the thread because it was deleted.
Fortunately I had the prudence to save the thread before they deleted it. This will be forwarded on when I have collated all my evidence.

HerBeX Thu 03-Mar-11 18:09:04
No the how many women have you raped was in response to a slur accusing someone of murder, from what I remember.

Or some such.

It was said in order to demonstrate how offensive his remark was, because if it's an offensive thing to be called a rapist, how much more offensive is it to be called a murderer.

(Caveat: it may not have been murderer. But it was something that carries a heavier sentence than rape.)

This is a lie and one that can be proved. Herbex is a man hater the first degree...why do NORMAL Women allow idiots to speak for them?

Mumsnet is infested with man haters, almost the entire board is bulging with vitriol aimed at any Man who wont cough his bollocks up when they demand it.

I plan on making a fuss about it and that fuss will do them considerable harm as a group.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hate or not?...It's not a crime.

Frankiegoestohollywood Wed 16-Feb-11 19:53:01

I've always hated comments/or men deliberately staring at you in the street with what they think it's an irresistible wave of sex appeal. It really gets on my nerves.



If a man looks at a Woman he's doing something wrong? Maybe Men aren't looking at this jealous heifer enough then?

She seems to have a problem with the human race and it's urge to seek out a mate.

Rambling Rose Wed 16-Feb-11 21:05:03

Oh, and I still don't entirely get what a "bunga bunga" party is <naive emoticon>

Some kind of orgy?


I wouldn't even bother with testing your feeble mind trying to cogitate the definition of "Bunga Bunga".

You haven't and probably wont ever get an invite will you?

Stay at home mums who are Feminazis

Now there's a conflict of interests without breaking into a great leap of faith.

If the said Mother (And I use this term loosely) is in fact a stay at home carer for the child/children that popped out of her vajayjay? Who's the poor sap that's supporting her lifestyle?

The Man that's in her life?

The Man that WAS in her life?

The government?

Or both these financial cash pools?

To suggest that a Mother lives by the ethics of Feminism and then accepts the handouts offered to her is a sabbatical of her ethics surely. The Feminist mantra of self support and not needing a Man is usurped by the need for greed, put bluntly the Mother/Feminist needs a cash cow because she's too lazy to work for her own income.

Before the hairy lipped lunatics all start jumping up and down waving their Turkey basters at us "Normal folk" we'll investigate the damage they cause to their children and to the Fathers of those children.

Children recognise from a very early age that hatred from one parent to the other hurts them and that they want both parents to see eye to eye in the upbringing and care of their offspring. This Man hating politics drives a wedge between parents and indeed sexes by devaluing the male role in the family unit. The unit doesn't have to co-habit in the same home for children to recognise the unit.

More and more children are turning their backs on spiteful mean vindictive Mothers who try to indoctrinate them, using Feminist myths and tools to brainwash children in their care. Children as they get older see through this agenda and formulate an opinion that the callous Mother isn't worth knowing and is devoid of parental care.

Real Mothers care for their children and consider them a gift and a blessing, her children are not seen as political pawns to be used to denigrate Men and advance the lies that alienate them from society. Don't get me wrong, the percentage of genuine Mothers who care for their wards far outweigh the vocal minority of freaks and losers in society...but those freaks and losers need to be brought to book.

Taking cash whilst doing not a jot of work.

Moaning about the Man that gives them the cash.

begging (Yes I said begging) for even more cash to fund their disgusting lifestyles, parasitic and selfish ones.

Ridiculing feminine Women who look nice and take pride in their appearance while the Feminazi slobs around in baggy arsed fleece leggings and anti abortion t shirts.

Because they couldn't hold a Man everyone else is to blame.


Get a life.

Get a clue.

And get a fuckin' shave.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Feminist version of sex

For arguments sake let's define sex as exchanging bodily fluids between a Man and a Woman even though a feminist would prefer the feel of her girlfriends hairy lips next to hers.

Before coitus takes place there has to be a few boundaries and stipulations otherwise unwanted contact has taken place.

Getting it down on paper so that it's above board and legal (Married sex expectees included) This assures the feminist that she hasn't been coerced or convinced that sex is what she wanted, or that she is having sex just out of duty or pity.

That's the paperwork out of the way, now let's get down to the filthy act itself.

No lights on at anytime during the degrading act of squidgy squidgy. A feminist is at her most vulnerable when she's impaled on a chaps thingumybob and any act of watching is contrary to the contract, thus negating that contract and hence rape ensues.

No making funny sex noises. Sex noises turn a feminists stomach and she may be liable to stop her partner mid thrust initialising the phone 999 prerogative. Also noises may constitute enjoyment and any acid faced sheman would consider this a compromisation of her ethics.

No sexual position other than the recognised "Missionary" where the feminist can keep a close cautious eye on the penetrator, any twitch or smile that gives away pleasure instead of bilious scorn for the act is heavily regarded as rape and entrapment.

No man must have a penis larger than her clitoris. This prevents full penetration unless the feminist is the masturbatory kind who has a chuff as big as a wizards sleeve and pipework akin to the Panama canal.

Washing the stink of vileness from your bodies eradicating any signs of the deed away is a must, this must be done within 1 minute of spunk spasm. If the said jolly juice touches any part of said feminazi it can be used in any resulting court case.

If the rules of engagement are not to your taste?

Pick any one of the 99.9% of NORMAL ladies who are as healthy as you are.

More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male

More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male, report reveals

Campaign group Parity claims assaults by wives and girlfriends are often ignored by police and media
Assaults on men represent more than 40% of domestic violence in the UK. Photograph: Sakki/Rex Features/Sakki/rex

About two in five of all victims of domestic violence are men, contradicting the widespread impression that it is almost always women who are left battered and bruised, a new report claims.
Men assaulted by their partners are often ignored by police, see their attacker go free and have far fewer refuges to flee to than women, says a study by the men's rights campaign group Parity.
The charity's analysis of statistics on domestic violence shows the number of men attacked by wives or girlfriends is much higher than thought. Its report, Domestic Violence: The Male Perspective, states: "Domestic violence is often seen as a female victim/male perpetrator problem, but the evidence demonstrates that this is a false picture."
Data from Home Office statistical bulletins and the British Crime Survey show that men made up about 40% of domestic violence victims each year between 2004-05 and 2008-09, the last year for which figures are available. In 2006-07 men made up 43.4% of all those who had suffered partner abuse in the previous year, which rose to 45.5% in 2007-08 but fell to 37.7% in 2008-09.
Similar or slightly larger numbers of men were subjected to severe force in an incident with their partner, according to the same documents. The figure stood at 48.6% in 2006-07, 48.3% the next year and 37.5% in 2008-09, Home Office statistics show.
The 2008-09 bulletin states: "More than one in four women (28%) and around one in six men (16%) had experienced domestic abuse since the age of 16. These figures are equivalent to an estimated 4.5 million female victims of domestic abuse and 2.6 million male victims."
In addition, "6% of women and 4% of men reported having experienced domestic abuse in the past year, equivalent to an estimated one million female victims of domestic abuse and 600,000 male victims".
Campaigners claim that men are often treated as "second-class victims" and that many police forces and councils do not take them seriously. "Male victims are almost invisible to the authorities such as the police, who rarely can be prevailed upon to take the man's side," said John Mays of Parity. "Their plight is largely overlooked by the media, in official reports and in government policy, for example in the provision of refuge places – 7,500 for females in England and Wales but only 60 for men."
The official figures underestimate the true number of male victims, Mays said. "Culturally it's difficult for men to bring these incidents to the attention of the authorities. Men are reluctant to say that they've been abused by women, because it's seen as unmanly and weak."
The number of women prosecuted for domestic violence rose from 1,575 in 2004-05 to 4,266 in 2008-09. "Both men and women can be victims and we know that men feel under immense pressure to keep up the pretence that everything is OK," said Alex Neil, the housing and communities minister in the Scottish parliament. "Domestic abuse against a man is just as abhorrent as when a woman is the victim."

provisions of refuge